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Our mission at Lets Talk is to bridge the gap between Culture and Community, where the creative can thrive and express themselves, through our many forms of media all while providing the best quality and content.
Meet the Don and Genius behind the scenes Benny, co-founder, producer, camera man, editor and social media ambassador of Let's Talk and owner of Benny D Designs. Born in Springfield, Mass this camera shy giant has as interest of learning new things by watching a bunch of YouTube. His skills behind the scenes puts being creative as an understatement, this dude is the Boss. He is really a kind hearted, helpful guy who looks for the best interest of people. Yet hates cigarette smoke, annoying and lazy individuals. Though he is a man of little words he shared his favorite quote. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." -Eleanor Roosevelt
Meet Maverick Prasad. Born in Holyoke, MA (in a Volvo to be exact) he is one of the Co-founders of Let's Talk and the face of the company. He enjoys reading mainly about history, science, philosophy and lots of other "Nerd Stuff". He's a very diverse unique guy that loves exploring other cultures yet dislikes closed minded people and things that are negative and full of drama. "I don't argue anymore I just move on remember life is what you make of it. You are the author and creator regardless of what it throws at you. Vibes & Blessings" -Maverick
Though this fine gentleman really needs no introduction, meet Vianchi Tulloch the charming, extremely talented musician, producer, writer, image designer, and funny guy. Not only is he a co-founder of Let's Talk, but he is the reason it exists today. Born in Springfield, Mass he saw the need to bridge the gap between community and culture. Interested in creating music and sketches, he sought out Benny B and the rest is history. When he is not being creative he loves spending time with his family but dislikes people's lack of common decency and respect.
"There is no such thing as a bad day. Some days are just better than others.— Random guy at 50’s diner whom I believe might have been Jesus." -Vianchi


Lets Talk Studio
10 Central St
West Springfield, MA 01089

Phone Number: 413-366-1742
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